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Panda Whale
We help start-ups come to fruition
Panda Whale
Helping start-ups to come to fruition
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Serious Games Investments
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Panda Whale is an award-winning company that helps startups and innovative concepts with funding, Support, Co-investments, and entrepreneurial expertise to bring innovations to fruition
Launch Start-ups

Collaboration is key in very early phase startups. Panda Whale is offering the first partnerships for entrepreneurs with industry-changing ideas.


Active support for the entrepreneur, Setting up teams, advisory boards, and helping setting up company structures.


Idea’s often start small, however, application of scalability (fast or slow) is often a bridge too far. Most investors have a goal to have a good ROI. Aiming for scalable business models from the start leads to easier rollout later and a higher ROI for all the parties involved.


With Panda Whale you change from a small startup into an award-winning international focused company.

Serious games
Lung Games
Lung Games is a Panda Whale company that creates innovative solutions for lung patients. With solutions for young children learning to do an Lung Function test, or COPD and COVID 19 revalidation training, Lung games has an unique and game changing alternative for the current boring and low compliance training exercises.
Lung Games Medical
Design (Demo)
Enables caregivers to observe valuable lung function data, edit patients treatment plans and get insight through trend data.
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Lung Games Medical
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Big Data is limitless

Innovative Games & apps

HorScroll-Interaction (Demo)
We are pationate about game and app innovations, with Panda Whale we have created in collaboration with partners a number of innovative concepts that are new and innovative in each of its field.
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Creating a sustainable future
Clean & Deep Tech
Changing the future for the better is important for our company thats why we invest and participate in a number of clean tech companies. examples are wind energy innovations, CO2 capture, solutions and server heat recycling.
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Trust Us
Panda Whale has a number of companies that it is involved in, as an investor, active shareholder or as part of an advisory board.
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Our ambition is to make a change!
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Help us reach our goals by joining us as advisor , investor or entrepreneur.
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If you have any questions about one of our initiatives, or of our partners don't hesitate to get in contact.